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We specialize in outdoor activities, ecotourism and cultural tours in Belarus. Here you can find crafted tours, which are made to expose you to the authentic atmosphere of our local culture and guide you through unique nature of our land. At your service there is a variety of package tours which you can mix and change according to your timetable and preferences. For fans of outdoor activities we offer various kayak tours, as well as fascinating trips to wild bogs. By attending our cultural tours, you will have an opportunity to meet living traditions and explore the life of the Belarusians, directly interacting with locals. Our wildlife tours can show you around the unique nature and introduce you to its inhabitants. Explore Belarus with us!

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Karina Sitnik

"Walk to Folk tour is a way to become a part of Belarus and its fascinating life for a while"

Meet your travel guide

Karina Sitnik is your professional guide with great experience in organizing outdoor and cultural tours around Belarus. She opens for each tourist that unknown Belarus, which even surprises locals. Exciting routes to unusual places of this country, unique experience and prodigious meetings will be remembered for a long time.

Karina travels a lot around the world and in her priority - getting to know the daily life of the country she is visiting. The same principles she accepts when planning a tour for a visitor here: "The most important in any journey is to learn as close as possible the life of local people and plunge into their way of thinking and living traditions. That's how I can learn better history and culture of the land I'm visiting. Walk to Folk tour is a way to become a part of Belarus and its fascinating life for a while".

We believe that emotional part of the travel to be very important too! That's why, when building a tour, we try to make it so juicy with activities and pleasant meetings, so in the end you can say "I've really experienced Belarus"! Here there are some key features of Walk to Folk tours:


All tours are meant to bring you through real experiences and emotions!


We craft tours based on your specific wishes having as final result a memorable experience in Belarus


Each program meets a range of requirements: it's interesting, educative and always tested before being applied

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